Who am I

I am a trainee doula currently working under supervision of a skilled mentor. I offer you my energy and presence during the fragile period of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. My goal is to provide you with information and support so you can take your birth into your hands and do your own unbiased decisions.

I am also a lactation consultant.

I can acopmany you either in your chosen hospital or at assisted home birth (with at least one midwife present).

What do I offer

I always offer a short FREE get-to-know you meeting before you decide for any package (approx. 30 min; in person, online or via phone according to the client). We can talk about your wishes and needs and you will see if I am the right person for you.

It is best when the partner can join us, because he is importatnt in the decision making process as well.

Package „Complete Care + translation“: 8 000 CZK

This package allows the doula and the client to get to know each other well and establish a trusting relationship that can be crucial during birth. I am comfortable with leading all meetings in english and translating in case of hospital birth

  • 3 x prenatal consultation (60 min)
  • 1 x session of Access Bars® (60 min)
  • 1 x online consultation outside the „on call duty“ (30-60 min)
  • 4 weeks of „on call duty“ (2 weeks prior and after your estimated due date)
  • Presence at birth (incl. support at home in the beginning of birth and during transport to the hospital)
  • 1 x postpartum visit + lactation consultation (120 min)
  • Travel costs are included in the package, however, travel costs for drives outside the prenatal and postpartum visits are paid separately

Package „Postpartum Care“: 3 000 CZK

Support during the fragile postpartum period with whatever you need most. Whether it is emotional support and recapitulation of birth experience or help with household chores, I am here for you.

  • 2 x postpartum visit + lactation consultation (2 x 120 min)
  • 1 x Access Bars® session (60 min)

Lactation consulation: 1 400 CZK

  • 1 x lactation consultation visit (120 min)
  • May contain: help in the household, recapitualtion of birth experience or consultation on a topic of the client´s own choice if the time is not used up fully just for breastfeeding support

Access Bars session®: 800 CZK

  • 1 x Session (60 min)

Hourly rate: 650 CZK

  • 1 x Consultation (60 min)


I live and work in Prague, however, I am also able to acompany clients that chose hospitals within approx. one hour drive from Prague.

Feel free to contact me to arrange our free meeting at:

+420 732 371 177